Time Out Ft. ALXMNR, Matty2Dope, Aye5k!

from by MADD ILLZ

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Produced by Aye5k! for Basement City
Mixed/mastered: ALXMNR


Feeling like I’m in time, suspended/
Mind bending, advice...pending/
My “end of the line” ended/
And I’m spending it blind/
Surprise vision only for a limited time in/
Despite limits, I get...I’m sick of not flying/
Or hiding my words in the manner I do on the surface when giving you rhymes/
I’m ticking a different rift on my mind, clicking...I’m sick of this high/
Maybe I got it backwards, maybe i’m living a lie/
The only thing I can do in the end/
Is pick up my pen and give it a try/

They got me running through the sand using cement shoes/
So why the fuck would you think I could lose?/
The hourglass half full at the moment, but I take that as an omen/
Second cloning is a thing I could use/
(My Father's Time) It's so precious and the only thing I'm left with/
But the method of this madness brings me closer to my death wish/
(Kinda leftist), but my right to life is being violated/
Got a bucket list a mile long and can't annihilate it/
I'm debating trying to wait it out/ (But dream killers'll play with doubt)/
These second violations got me hating/ (Please just take em out)/
Rules upon rules for these tools to con fools/
While I'm looking for that wisdom, (you know jewels up on jewels)/
Cause I need to see the meaning in what's leading to my demise/
A day just ain't enough of what I'm needing despite my tries/
Each morning is a labor herculean in type and size/
It ain't just gravity that is beefing, I'm fighting pride/
I die every day a little more, not from being in a war/
But from just being alive/ (That's just God keeping score)/
Cause what the good lord giveth he will taketh away/
Every clock tick I'm losing what he gave me today//

Better check the time or you will get lost/
In a crazy fucking world where your souls become the cost/
To be a slave to the grind, it’s like a light to a moth/
Acting like a zombie, it’s your mind that starts to rot/


from Guerrilla Republikan Vol​.​2, released April 20, 2017



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MADD ILLZ Orlando, Florida

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